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LIFEPAC Gold is the award-winning program that serves as the foundation of the entire Alpha Omega home education curriculum. LIFEPAC Gold is our complete, 12-year Christian curriculum designed to teach five core subjects - Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science - plus an array of secondary electives. The curriculum is composed of consumable textbook/workbook combinations that conveniently combine subject text, exercises, projects, review and tests.

Alpha Omega's placement tests are linked directly to the LIFEPAC Curriculum and offer Private schools the best method of accurate student placement. They also identify "learning gaps" for each student and target specific LIFEPACs to review. Instructions and answer keys are included in the center of each test booklet.

One of the academic core subjects of the LIFEPAC Gold Curriculum, the Bible subject is a non-denominational doctrinal approach to scripture mastery. This unique Bible series takes students on an in-depth academic study of both the Old and New Testaments as well as practical truths to help young people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Language Arts series emphasizes the improvement of communication skills. All Language Arts skills are integrated into a single learning sequence. The integrated approach combines drill and analysis of grammar with immediate application in composition exercises.

Practice and application characterize the LIFEPAC Mathematics series, emphasizing mastery learning of mathematics concepts. Daily practice helps the student master current skills and slowly build new ones, advancing from simple addition and subtraction to more complex concepts and calculations.

The History & Geography curriculum begins with a study of the student's family and neighborhood and concludes with a a study of the challenges of democracy and special challenges facing the Christian in today's society.

Beginning with God's creation, the Science series leads the student to a more in-depth knowledge about himself and the multiple facets of his environment. In grades 1-8, The Science series teaches basic knowledge about man and his physical environment. Health studies covering proper nutrition, hygiene, and disease are discussed. For secondary courses, grades 9-12 teach physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

LIFEPAC electives are like adding nine more options to the LIFEPAC Gold Curriculum. Our extra-credit electives are authored and designed to the same standards as our award winning LIFEPAC Gold Curriculum. From Spanish, New Testament, Greek, Consumer Math, Home Economics, American Literature, Accounting, Art, British Literature, and Health courses to our unique customizable units, LIFEPAC electives are flexible and economical.


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